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Education: BA English Language and Literature from Carleton University (2004)

Experience: I have fifty years’ worth of self-education in reading, writing and critical thinking (Yes, I started young!).

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Recent work

Children's verse by Stella Green is awaiting digital publication. This was a very enjoyable job.

I edited a novella The Cat Letters, by Laura Shabbot. Originally published on Kindle, is it now
being expanded to full novel length.

Laura has written an ebook, edited by me. It's a how-to on how to publish an ebook! Full of all the ins and outs that she learned from her experience with Cat Letters, it's a witty and very useful little guide.


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Thanks Margaret, without your help, my "Magnum Opus" would have never come to fruition.  I never realised, as an English teacher of many years, how much I needed an editor.  Your advice and editing was invaluable, so much so that I am going to attempt another book . .  . so get ready for my next attempt and let us hope that this time I have learned something from your advice.

Richard Norton Down Under

This editor did a wonderful job editing my novel. It was 100% better after she had offered advice and coached me in writing skills and getting the work ready to approach publishers and agents. I recommend her services. I think very highly of her skills and her approach to our project.

Madeleine Calcutt

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